Last week I decided to print a new issue of Fax Simile for the first time since 2019. Since before COVID.

Fax Simile is a zine series I've published regularly since around 2013. I tend to put in a particular type of drawing, what I think of as weirdo gag cartoons, and during the pandemic I just wasn't drawing much in that style. Suddenly I'm interested again. It seemed the best thing to do was to look over what I had from this hiatus and put out another issue.

So Here's issue 15.

Another thing I did during COVID was draw a lot of self portraits. Many in the reflection of a shiny coffee pot, or during video chats. This one is in a small hand mirror at the kitchen table. Reading a book on Bonnard it mentioned Italian painters in the past calling the practice of incorporating a mirror into the composition as a specchio?